New Statistics from the 2016/17 New Zealand Health Survey

New Statistics from the 2016/17 New Zealand Health Survey

This new data (Tier 1) provides a snapshot of the health of New Zealanders through key indicators on health behaviours, health status and access to health care for both adults and children.Tier 1 Statistics 2016/17:

The tables are published on the Ministry of Health website and include statistics on

  • self-rated health
  • smoking (current)
  • past-year drinking
  • hazardous drinking
  • obesity
  • mental health status (psychological distress)
  • unmet need for GP due to cost
  • unfilled prescription due to cost.

Alison Pask, ANA Health Promotion Manager highlights a few observations on the obesity data:

  • The data shows obesity is trending upwards
  • Adult obesity (measured BMI 30+) has reached a new high of 32.2 %. As a comparison in 2006/07  total adult obesity was 26.5 %
  • Childhood obesity is on the increase for both boys & girls in all age groups. This is a change from the previous year when data indicated childhood obesity rates had stabilised at 10.7%.
  •  12.3% of children aged 0-14 years are obese. This has increased from 8.4% in 2006/07.

Results are available by sex, age group, ethnic group and neighbourhood deprivation. You can view the online data tables for the Tier 1 statistics