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Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa was closed in June 2021.

This website is therefore no longer maintained but will remain online until June 2024 as a resource and archive of ANA’s contribution to public health in Aotearoa.

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Shayne Nahu, ANA Board Chair – 25 June 2021

E te whanau

E te whanau whanui

E nga iwi o te motu

Tena Koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa

Well, this isn’t quite the way we planned to “sign out” however as everyone knows only too well, in the middle of a global pandemic nothing is guaranteed.  Let’s all hope the evidenced informed decisions being made now allow us the privilege of continuing to live our lives in a relatively normal manner.

I am so sorry that Alison, Kim, and the wider team won’t get to feel the sense of satisfaction that holding this conference would have provided – it would have been awesome!  However, I am also equally certain it will not in any way diminish the overall view of ANA and what is has achieved over the last 28 years.  ANA has evolved over this time; however, its core has always been the commitment to improve the lives of others through improved nutrition and physical activity, and therefore improved health and wellbeing for all in Aotearoa.

We lost the opportunity to hear from past staff, Board members and supporters of ANA however many of these voices have been captured in the e-book – and I encourage you all to take the time to read and enjoy it.

For over two decades, through a contract with the Ministry of Health, we have provided the sector with professional development opportunities and resources.  As for many organisations sustainable funding has become more challenging over recent years.  This in my view has been a reflection of wider policy issues, and how Public Health has been valued, and I would like to acknowledge and thank the people in the Ministry who have supported the kaupapa of ANA, and without whom we would not have been able to provide those services.

I want to thank Member Organisations, past and present.   We were set up as a member organisation to help co-ordinate the sector voice.  Without members support we could not have lasted as long as we have.

To the current Board, thank you.  We had some tough calls to make however, your dedication and desire to ensure we did the right thing has been amazing.  I am honoured to have worked with you all.

A big thanks to all the staff that have written ANA’s story across the nutrition and physical activity, and wider public health sectors. Ex ANA staff can be seen in roles with the Ministry and other NGOs, everywhere!  ANA has been a great place to nurture and develop future talent, and I thank you for helping write our story on the way.

To Alison and Kim.  You have been fearless, supportive, and dedicated to ANA.  I can’t say too much how I have been impressed by your work ethic and commitment to doing the right thing.  I wish you all the best for your new adventures ahead.

I know that ANA has created many connections between people and organisations, and that these will continue and prosper, go well all.

He hono tangata e kore e motu

kāpā he taura waka e motu

Nga mihinui

Shayne Nahu

ANA Board Chair

Haere rā from the Executive Director – 25 June 2021

Six months ago, the eleven ANA member organisations made the hard, however unanimous, call to close ANA. Today is my last day of work as ANA closes at 5pm.

As the face of ANA, I was determined to make the wind down as positive as possible and created and presented an ambitious wish list to the Board.

The first item on this wish list was to host a final conference.  Unfortunately, due to Wellington moving to level 2 for COVID-19 this was abruptly cancelled only a day out from the event. You can imagine how devastating this was however making the decision to keep everyone safe is a priority. There were over 160 people registered to attend and all are disappointed not to be part of this closing event. Understanding the past is vital to move into the future and that is how we got the title of the conference.

Public health is not one entity, but comprises many people contributing to a large variety of projects at different levels of the system. Everyone’s contribution from policy to grassroots delivery is vital to establishing long term change to improve the wider social determinants of health.

I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of everyone who has, who is and who will work in public health in the future.

The second item on my wish list, and in hindsight an ambitious goal, was to document the history of ANA. Not only of ANA itself, but of all the many twists and turns of the public health sector over the past 28 years. Together with Niki Bezzant we have worked to create an e-book that we are proud of. My grateful thanks go to Niki for such a professional product. You can read it here.

Achieving the vision of ANA: “That everyone in Aotearoa can and does eat well and leads an active life” has been an uphill challenge due to multiple factors and at times this has been a lot like swimming into a tsunami and the waves are still getting bigger!

I have worked in public health for as long as ANA has been here. Many people have helped shaped both my personal public health career and ANA’s history. Please accept my personal thanks for your support.

He aha te mea nui o te ao?             

He tāngata,

He tāngata,  

He tāngata

 What is the most important thing in the world?

 It is the people,

It is the people,

It is the people

26 November 2020

Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa (ANA) to be wound down

ANA’s member organisations have made a very tough call that it is time for ANA to wind down.

Board chair Shayne Nahu says he is proud of the work ANA has delivered and wishes to acknowledge the member organisations, as well as current and former staff and board members of ANA, for the contributions they have all made.

“ANA has served the sector well for the past 25 years; however, the reality is that it has become too difficult to continue in the current operating environment.  We are rightfully proud of what ANA has achieved and know the legacy of its achievements will be felt for many years to come.”

ANA will remain active and deliver on its Ministry of Health contract including emailing the valued ANA Focus newsletter until June 2021.

As a final legacy contribution, we will be writing an eBook documenting key public health nutrition interventions in Aotearoa and ANA’s contribution to the wider sector over the past 25 years. We look forward to sharing this with you.

For further information please contact [email protected]

Vision: Everyone in Aotearoa can and does eat well and leads an active life.

We know that many people, communities and organisations share a similar vision.

To strengthen these voices ANA’s purpose is to connect people and organisations engaged in the cause of improving the nation’s nutrition and physical activity. We do this by linking our members and the wider public health nutrition and physical activity workforce to news, events, research, and resources.


Our History

In 1993, the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand, the Cancer Society of New Zealand, Te Hotu Manawa Māori, the New Zealand Dietetic Association and the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation saw an opportunity to combine and strengthen their voice on public health nutrition issues. The establishment of Agencies for Nutrition Action – Ngā Takawaenga Hāpai Kai Hauora (ANA) in 1996 was the outcome of these discussions.

Since then ANA’s work has grown, with the promotion of physical activity being added to our mandate.  In November 2016 ANA was re-named as Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa to better reflect our role in promoting physical activity.

Member subscriptions along with funding from the Ministry of Health for specific projects fund our work.

Over time our membership has expanded. Our members are committed to the cause of improving nutrition and physical activity in Aotearoa. See a full list of our members.

Our Organisational Values

We are committed to:

  • excellence
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • integrity
  • inclusiveness

Read our 2019-20 Annual Report.

Our 2020 Annual Website and ANA Focus newsletter evaluation can be viewed here

Views expressed on this website do not necessarily represent the views of Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa, its member organisations or its funders.