This page will inform you of current submissions relevant to the nutrition and physical activity public health workforce in Aotearoa. The articles provide useful information and links to create effective submissions.

Name of Submission Due Date

A Simple Guide to Making a Submission

What is a submission? A submission is a representation of your organisation’s views related to the subject in question. A submission is a formal way to have your say and…

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Influencing Policy and Making Submissions

This website hosts a collection of resources, including videos, to help assist community groups and NGO’s to consult and prepare submissions. The content includes: identifying opportunities for input, choosing a…

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Toi Te Ora Public Health Website

Toi Te Ora Public Health makes a submission on a particular local issue or matter under consideration when it is in the interests of improving and protecting the health of…

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Working with Communities to Participate in the Submission Process

This Wellington Regional Public Health guide is designed to help health promoters work with communities wanting to participate in the government consultation process and make submissions. Go to the website…

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