Improving nutrition to support healthy ageing

Many countries including New Zealand are witnessing a marked increase in longevity and with this the desire for healthy ageing. Nutrition is a modifiable lifestyle factor which can improve health outcomes and quality of life.

In this webinar, Carol will outline from her work in two longitudinal studies of ageing what we know about healthy eating among community living older adults; what are the risk factors and how we can best support older adults to eat well and age well in their own homes.

About the presenter: Professor Carol Wham

Carol Wham is an experienced dietitian and Professor of Public Health Nutrition at Massey University in Auckland. She has undertaken a sustained programme of research focused on improving the nutritional health of older people. Carol has been an investigator in two longitudinal studies of ageing; Life and Living to Advanced Age: a Cohort Study in New Zealand and within the New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement Study. She has examined malnutrition across community, hospital and residential care settings and leads the ENRICH study which seeks to Evaluate Nutrition Risk and Intervene to enCourage Healthy eating.


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