BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

The Ministry of Health has launched a new tool on its website which enables people to calculate their Body Mass Index (BMI) and quickly find out whether they’re in a healthy weight range. BMI is a simple, widely used screening tool to assess a person’s weight relative to their height.

Using the calculator is really simple – people just need to enter their date of birth, gender, height and weight, and the date on which these measurements were taken.

The great thing about this tool is how it clearly shows whether someone’s in the healthy weight range.

It features links to helpful resources and tips on healthy eating, increasing physical activity and getting sufficient sleep, based on people’s BMI results. The calculator is easy-to-use and can be embedded on other websites. It’s also mobile-friendly meaning it can be used by anyone anywhere.

Although we developed the tool primarily to help clinicians accurately calculate BMI, particularly Well Child providers, everyone can use the BMI calculator.

There are some limitations to the calculator’s results. For example, it’s not an appropriate weight measurement tool for pregnant woman or infants under two years of age. These limitations are made clear to users and people are encouraged to discuss their results with a doctor if they have concerns.

Head to the Ministry’s website to find out more about the BMI calculator and to give it a try.

Article supplied by Dr Harriette Carr, Deputy Director of Public Health, Ministry of Health, August 2018