Review into the New Zealand Health and Disability Sector

The Government has announced a Review into the New Zealand Health and Disability Sector to identify changes that could improve the performance, structure, and fairness of the sector. The overall purpose of the review is to provide recommendations to the Government for an equitable, sustainable public health service that delivers the healthcare that New Zealanders expect and deserve. Minister of Health David Clark in announcing the review said: ‘It will look at the way we structure, resource and deliver health services – not just for the next few years but for decades to come’.

This is a unique and important opportunity to get public health on the agenda. This is our opportunity to ensure future health services target wellness. ANA will keep you informed of submission opportunities related to this review.

The Expert Review Panel will be chaired by Heather Simpson, a former chief of staff to Helen Clark. An interim report is expected to be delivered to the Minister of Health by 26 July 2019, and a final report by 31 January 2020

The Draft Terms of Reference for the review can be found here