Take Home Messages from the ANA Asian Forum, Auckland 2017

Participants at the last session of the Asian Forum were asked to discuss and write down their take home messages from the day. The following is a summary of the key themes of this activity.

  • There is no one size fits all
  • Know the statistics and trends in population data in your own area and deliver tailored services to these groups
  • Cultural understanding starts from having strong relationships and building networks
  • Collaboration
  • Awareness of huge cultural diversity within the Asian population and within generations and the need to understand these better
  • Being humble and respectful and maintain cultural values
  • Learn correct pronunciation
  • Deliver culturally appropriate services
  • Value the importance of cultures, identity and language and ensure this knowledge is maintained for all generations
  • Create culturally acceptable programmes
  • Conceptualising cultural intelligence
  • Different generations have different beliefs and attitudes, e.g. Chinese parenting
  • Identifying the change of environment and its effects on daily activities, i.e. differences in practices in home country compared to NZ – e.g. Indian participation in physical activity
  • Deliver what people want, not what we think they need
  • A person centred approach should be at the centre of everything we do
  • Everyone can be a health coach
  • Maintain traditions and build on these with contemporary learnings
  • “We have two ears and one mouth so we need to listen twice as hard.”

Source: Alison Pask, ANA, November 2017