Table Tennis in the Workplace Associated with Workplace Wellbeing

A new report by Table Tennis England as part of their Loop at Work programme, explores the impact of playing table tennis at work on employee job satisfaction, workplace wellbeing, physical activity levels and general wellbeing.

The employees in the study predominantly played table tennis in their lunch break as a way to take a break from their work, de-stress and unwind, as well as using it as a place to catch up with colleagues. People who played table tennis in the workplace reported better overall mood and wellbeing compared to those who didn’t. The research also found that those who regularly played table tennis experienced significantly higher job satisfaction than those who played less frequently, and that they reported greater competence in the workplace and connectedness with their colleagues.
The study also looked at people’s motivation to exercise and found that people playing table tennis regularly had a higher quality motivation – meaning they were more likely to be driven to exercise by enjoyment and satisfaction and therefore more likely to continue with the activity over time.