Atua Matua Māori Health Framework

An interesting look at health engagement frameworks from a Māori perspective may lead to the Atua Matua Māori Health Framework created by Dr Ihirangi Heke. It highlights that at its beginning point the development of relationships (in particular between Iwi and health providers) because the health providers can assist the health potential of Māori however at its core it is Whānau, Hapū, Iwi and Marae  that hold the intrinsic Mātauranga (knowing) that will provide sustainable and generational health change and advancement.

The Atua Matua Māori Health Framework explains and sets a criterion of engagement with Māori and the natural environment that differs to all other promoted modes of engagement, however, allows the inclusion of contemporary and non-Māori practices to be shared and included. The framework can be found on the Toitangata website.

A set of supporting videos can also be accessed explaining concepts of Atuatanga that support physical development and also aligns to the Atua Matua Māori Health Framework here