25 Years of New Zealand Travel

This resource published in 2015 by the Ministry of Transport looks at the past 25 years of household travel in New Zealand and related information sources from 1989 to 2014.

It highlights a range of changes in our travel behaviour.


5 + A Day 

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust aims to have all New Zealanders understanding and enjoying the benefits of a daily diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables.

A ‘Watershed Moment’ Why its Prime Time to protect Children from Junk Food Adverts

The Obesity Health Alliance report “A Watershed Moment”

The key findings from the report highlight:

1. The majority (59%) of food and drink adverts shown during family viewing time would be banned from children’s TV, yet hundreds of thousands of children are exposed to these ads every week.

2. In the worst case example, children were bombarded with nine HFSS adverts in just a 30 minute period.

3. Adverts for fruit and vegetables made up just over 1% of food and drink adverts shown during family viewing time.

4. Adverts for fast food and takeaways appeared more than twice as often as any other type of food and drink adverts – largely due to their tactic of sponsoring popular family shows.