Public Health Leadership Programme

Public Health Leadership Programme

Be inspired and focused to make a difference in public health, and have the skills and courage to act …………

The Public Health Leadership Programme (PHLP) is designed for people working in public health. The programme is funded by the Ministry of Health and has been developed following extensive consultation with the sector. PHLP builds leadership competencies identified as important for leaders in public health. The programme has been developed by Catapult (leadership and organisational performance specialists) and Quigley and Watts (public health specialists).

 PHLP allows participants to discover their leadership potential and equips them with practical and tested leadership tools and resources. The programme generates immediate and lasting benefits for participants, those they lead, and for public health.

Each programme has six days spread over several months. In 2018 one programme will be offered in Wellington and one in Auckland.

Applications for the 2020 Public Health Leadership Programme (PHLP) are now open.

“The course has been a breath of fresh air and it’s been a privilege to be engaged with many new people, paradigms and possibilities for Public Health.”

 “This course shifted my mindset to realise that, with the right support and learning, anyone can be a leader.”

 “Through expert facilitation and provision of relevant resources, the course has provided me with knowledge, tools and tactics that I can easily apply in an organisational setting. I have been able to experiment with course learnings in the workplace in real-time and talk these experiments through with my action learning trio. I would highly recommend the course to anybody interested in developing as a leader in Public Health.”