Kai Town Insights Report

Kai Town came about following a national Healthy Families focus on the kaupapa of kai.  Armed with our learning from a previous Healthy Families Far North kai project in Kaikohe, a design challenge question was posed that was “How might we flood Kaitāia with an excitement for eating healthy kai”?

WINTEC Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science

This three year (full time but can also be done part-time) degree prepares students to gain the skills and knowledge to become a well-rounded practitioner of sport and exercise science. The programme includes physical education, coaching, exercise physiology, sport nutrition, sport psychology, biomechanics, sport rehabilitation, and personal training. Students will also have the opportunity to undertake research […]

AUT: Physical Activity and Nutrition – Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science

Advance your understanding of factors that affect community health and promote healthy living in as little as one year with the AUT Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Physical Activity and Nutrition. Papers cover topics like promoting physical activity, making healthy lifestyle choices and educating populations about healthy nutrition. The programme can prepare you for […]

Food processing may reduce benefits of high fibre foods

A team of NZ researchers have investigated the effects of food processing, such as milling, on the health benefits of whole grains, using a small trial of 28 adults with type 2 diabetes. Participants ate minimally-processed wholegrain foods including wholegrain oats and chunky grainy bread for one fortnight, then more processed wholegrain foods such as […]

Global Nutrition Report May 2020

The 2020 Global Nutrition Report calls on governments, businesses and civil society to step up efforts to address malnutrition in all its forms and tackle injustices in food and health systems. This report looks beyond global and national patterns, revealing significant inequalities in nutrition outcomes within countries and populations. Based on the best available data, in-depth […]

Webinar – How to talk about urban mobility and transport shift

The first webinar presents the evidence from moving people from cars to active transport and explores how to have effective conversations about change in transport systems and the benefits of reducing car dependency as we shape more vibrant, sustainable and healthy communities.

Outcomes of church-based lifestyle intervention

This research summarises the outcomes from a structured, church-based, culturally tailored lifestyle intervention showed a number of improvements in diabetes risk among Samoans in Sydney. The intervention, however, requires more rigorous testing in a larger randomised controlled trial over a longer time period.

Healthy Brains Background Paper

The importance of positive wellbeing has been highlighted as we experience life during COVID-19. Our ability to socialise with friends and family and to live and work normally changed massively after the 2020 outbreak. The combination of stress and uncertainty in our lives can all affect our mental wellbeing. At Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa (ANA) […]