Fresh made resources

The Fresh Made team have some great resources available. Fresh Made is a Heart Foundation service that helps food suppliers, school canteens and early learning services make their food healthier for students.

Thank you Barbara Lusk

Thank you to Barbara Lusk Barb retired from the Ministry of Health in February 2020 and ANA wishes to acknowledge the contribution she has made to the nutrition and physical activity sector in Aotearoa since she started working at the Ministry of Health in 2001. In her role as a Portfolio Manager, she had been responsible […]

Does daily commuting behavior matter to employee productivity?

This study is the first of its kind to explore the relationship between commuting behavior and employee productivity by drawing theories from multiple disciplines and providing empirical evidence from Australian cities. Relying on survey data collected from three major cities in Australia, this study finds that commuting distance is positively associated with absenteeism. This study […]

Factors influencing healthy eating and physical activity amongst school staff

Limited research has explored teachers’ perceptions of the role that schools can play in supporting staff members’ healthy eating and physical activity. We aimed to identify barriers to healthy eating and physical activity within the school context, and to conclude on potential strategies for supporting staff to pursue these healthier behaviours.

Trends and measurement issues for active transportation in New Zealand’s physical activity report cards for children and youth

Active transport (AT) contributes to human and environmental health but is low and declining in New Zealand (NZ) children and youth. Quality evidence is necessary to inform and evaluate interventions, identify inequities, and understand trends. NZ has participated in the Global Physical Activity (PA) Matrix since 2014. This collaboration uses a harmonised process to develop […]

Child Poverty in New Zealand Educational resource

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is an independent charity whose goal is to end child poverty in New Zealand. Together, our network of experts and allies research the causes and consequences of child poverty, and advocate for better policies that will improve children’s lives. We aim to inform and educate the public, so that more people understand why policies have a […]

How Do I Inspire Others in Times of Change?

2019 marked the 11th annual Tonic Conference run by Exult. They took a peek ‘Through the Looking Glass’ at what the future of New Zealand might look like and how can we be prepared for those changes? What can our organisations learn by reflecting on the past? Is it possible to imagine something better for […]

The link between cancer and nutrition

Cancer is the single biggest cause of death in Aotearoa New Zealand. But by 2040 the number of Kiwis diagnosed with cancer is predicted to double(1). The burden of cancer is felt more greatly by Māori, Pacific people and low socio-economic groups.  Māori are 30% more likely to get cancer and have a mortality rate […]

Book Review: Easy Recipes for One or Two

This cookbook is a collection of recipes suitable for one or two people. It has been designed for people who are elderly to use to cook simple and nutritious meals on a regular basis at home. The recipes have been tested as part of the senior chef cooking classes run by Pegasus Health in Christchurch. […]

Banks Peninsula Track, a hidden treasure in Aotearoa.

Alison Pask shares a short overview from walking the dramatic coastline of the Banks Peninsula Track, a hidden treasure in Aotearoa. Starting in Akaroa, a 90-minute drive from Christchurch, this 3-day walk covers a 30 km journey reaching heights of up to 699m. The track takes you through scenic bays, cliffs overhanging the rugged coast, […]