20 Minute Neighbourhood

The 20-minute neighbourhood is based on enhancing the liveability of Melbourne’s neighbourhoods. It is about ‘living locally’—giving people the ability to meet most of their daily needs within a 20-minute walk from home, with safe cycling and local transport options.

Tips for walking to school

In this article, experts share 24 recommendations to reverse the national decline in walking to school.

Churches sign up to water-only pledge

Phasing out sugary drinks in Pasifika churches and community groups A water-only pledge has been translated into seven Pasifika languages and jointly signed by nearly 20 Pasifika church and community group leaders, shifting the consumption of sugary drinks where community spend their time across Auckland. The opportunity to work with Pasifika churches and community groups […]

Baby food pouches friend or foe?

Squeezable food pouches containing pureed baby food have become a convenient way to feed babies and toddlers, but are they a help or a hindrance? I have conducted some informal investigation and discovered pouches are a popular way to feed babies and toddlers and there’s a lot of peer pressure to use them. This article […]