New Activity Book – Bright Ideas for Young Minds

New Activity Book – Bright Ideas for Young Minds

New Activity Book – Bright Ideas for Young Minds, Book Review

Published November 2017 by Mary Egan Publishing RRP$ 39.95

This is a beautiful, large, hard cover book that has plenty of eye-catching photos which makes it attractive to pick up and read.

There are 70 practical and fun ideas, using low cost items that will keep children from 0-6 years old entertained for hours on end. Ideal for the summer holidays when you want to get children away from screens.

For those of us old enough to be grandparents this book documents the activities we grew up with, however these seem to be lost with generations of the digital word. I can remember the fun we had as kids creating activities from cardboard boxes of all sizes. We made cars and shops and our imagination ran wild with endless things to create from cardboard.

This book is a collection of activities by more than 100 BestStart early childhood educators from across New Zealand. BestStart is New Zealand’s largest early childhood provider so they know what works when occupying small minds and they have captured these ideas in a wonderful collection which will be treasured by caregivers and families.

The book is divided into seven chapters: Budding Scientists, Little Helpers, Inspired Minds, Outdoor Explorers, Young Artists, Critical Thinkers and Busy Bodies. Each experience and activity has a photo, a list of materials needed, a description of the activity and even a summary of what learning is occurring for the child.

Book review by Alison Pask, ANA Health Promotion Manager, December 2017