How to Write an Article for ANA

How to Write an Article for ANA

The ANA eUpdate is emailed fortnightly to over 2,000 individuals working in a wide range of public health nutrition and physical activity. ANA extends an ongoing invitation for you to submit an article to showcase a topic of interest.

If you haven’t written an article before then have read of my tips below.

Alison’s tips to help you get started with writing an article for ANA:

  • Create a catchy title to capture attention (I usually leave this until last)
  • Have a clear purpose (ask yourself: what do I want the readers to know?)
  • Your first paragraph should summarise your key messages (as this may be all readers have time to read)
  • Keep your story simple, uncomplicated and written for the layperson (use plain language and avoid jargon and acronyms)
  • Make it interesting and relevant (provide examples relevant to public nutrition and/or physical activity)
  • References aren’t necessary (use them only if you think they add value)
  • Make your words succinct (our most popular articles are the shortest; to give you an idea of words this article is 300 words)
  • The use of subtitles may make your article easier to read
  • Use bullet points where you can (this allows white space which aids the visual appeal)
  • Illustrate your points with pictures, photos or infographics.
  • If using photos seek written permission to share them and credit appropriately. (ANA can find suitable photos if you don’t supply them)
  • Bring your story to life with interest (use examples and/or provide quotes)
  • Add in useful links and website addresses (useful for those who wish to read more)
  • Add in your email address (so people can contact you for more information)
  • Don’t worry about formatting and layout as your words will be cut and pasted directly into the website and then photos added later (unless it’s a PDF, then this will appear exactly as it is received)
  • Have a colleague peer review your article before you email it to Alison

Here’s an example of a popular story I’ve written called Networking and Public Health. This story is an example of an article that uses most of the above tips.