‘Why are some children so fussy about meat and vegetables? – Webinair

Associate Professor Pam von Hurst will provide an update on preventing iron deficiency in our mothers during pregnancy through to iron requirements for babies and children.

This update will be followed by an interactive Webinar run by Dr Cath Conlon and Emily Jones, a Senior Professional Clinician, on getting iron rich foods into babies and toddlers when they are fussy. Many factors affect iron status during early life and this webinar will deal with the real practical issues of what to do when babies refuse foods through to children who restrict their diets.

Challenging foods are often those foods which we want children to eat like rich sources of iron in diet such as lean red meat or those hard to eat veggies.

So, if you are supporting families with babies or children who won’t progress with textures, are afraid of choking or are restricted or fussy eaters then sign up for this interactive webinar.


Aug 27 2020


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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