The food curriculum project – Investing in the life skills of NZ children

The New Zealand school curriculum states; ‘it is expected that all children will have had the opportunity to learn practical cooking skills by the end of Year 8’.  Research conducted by Massey University dietetic students in 2016 explored food programmes being taught in Year 8. The research found discrepancies in what was being taught, the foods being made, the length of the course, and the skills taught.

Over the past two years, and the Heart Foundation have produced resources and launched a Year 8 Unit plan to assist teachers to deliver the curriculum. In 2020 Massey University students repeated this research to see what had changed. A summary of the findings will be presented at the webinar.

Presenter: Dave Munro, Chief Advisor Food and Nutrition

Dave is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and Chief Advisor Food and Nutrition for the Heart Foundation. Dave is responsible for the Heart Foundation’s food and nutrition policies, communications and advice both to Heart Foundation programmes and external partnerships. Dave completed chef training while studying nutrition and enjoys combining both elements to develop practical, achievable solutions for healthier eating.


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