Let’s Play Every Day!

Tuesday 1 December

Play is one of the four ways Sport NZ supports New Zealander’s getting active, alongside physical education, active recreation and sport.

Scott Mackenzie of Sport NZ says, “Our whole-of-system approach is key and we’re worked hard to establish a network of ‘play champions’ around the country. Our 14 Regional Play System Leads play based in Regional Sports Trusts provide direct links into 68 city and regional councils. Supported by our play development process and play principles, and backed by national research about the value of play, the Regional Play System Leads are critical in building play at the local level that reflects their diverse communities.”

The inaugural Play Week Aotearoa 7-13 December 2020, led by Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency with Sport NZ’s support, will be a celebration of all things play. The theme ‘Let’s play every day’ highlights the importance of play for everyone across Aotearoa New Zealand – for tamariki, whānau and communities.

Scott Mackenzie, Play System Lead, Sport New Zealand

Scott is the Play Lead within the Community Activation Team at Ihi Aotearoa | Sport New Zealand. His work is targeted at preserving and enhancing the taonga (treasure) that is Aotearoa New Zealand Play.

Scott and his team focus on connecting, empowering, advocating and influencing all those involved in the Aotearoa play system. Their work centres on the role of play as the foundation of Sport NZ’s Physical Literacy Approach – one of Sport NZ’s three approaches aimed to create better quality experiences for participants and encourage their ongoing participation in physical activity.

Ultimately, Scott’s work is about improving quality play experiences, quality play opportunities and quality play support for tamariki (children) and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Scott’s background includes many leadership roles across central and local government, education, play, active recreation, and sport, and the NGO sector, with a specific focus on children and young people.


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