Ka Ora, Ka Ako / Healthy School lunches

13 May 2021

Ka Ora, Ka Ako/healthy school lunches, was a programme introduced in 2019. This aims to reduce food insecurity by providing access to a nutritious lunch in school every day to primary and intermediate aged students in schools with high levels of disadvantage.

Jasmin Jackson, Ministry of Health lead advisor – nutrition,  will tell us about the journey of taking Ka Ora, Ka Ako from a small pilot to a nationwide programme.


By March 2021, over eight million lunches had been served in 542 schools to over 132,600 learners. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ka Ora, Ka Ako is being expanded to reach around 215,000 students by the end of 2021, including secondary students. 


About the presenter – Jasmin Jackson

Jasmin is passionate about sustainable food systems that prevent disease and poor health. Her work experience lies in the fields of nutrition, mental health and food systems, and she has spent the last six years focused on either school lunches or sustainable food systems.  Jasmin’s current role is with the Ministry of Education where her role as Lead Advisor – Nutritionist is to support schools and suppliers to feed 200,000 children a nourishing meal every day.


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