Book Review: Easy Recipes for One or Two

Book Review: Easy Recipes for One or Two

This cookbook is a collection of recipes suitable for one or two people. It has been designed for people who are elderly to use to cook simple and nutritious meals on a regular basis at home.

The recipes have been tested as part of the senior chef cooking classes run by Pegasus Health in Christchurch.

Each recipe is clearly written with no fuss and uses familiar ingredients with modern flavours such as turmeric and paprika. These spices add flavour without salt which is great for arousing declining taste buds.

The recipes use affordable and easy to prepare ingredients such as canned fish, frozen vegetables, canned beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils which makes them high in fibre thus helping to reduce the risk of constipation – an issue common in the elderly population. Almost all the recipes are soft enough to eat for those with challenging dental issues.

There is a section for those with a sweet tooth and the baking and desserts showcased are high in protein and fibre including milk, fruits and nut butter.

The A4 size is a real bonus as it enables the recipe to be clearly laid out on the page with a large enough font size to be easily read. The book is over 120 pages, spiral bound for longevity and every recipe has a colourful photo to accompany it, which brings the book to life and makes each page a mouth-watering delight.

This book is a welcome tool to better enable senior people to cook for themselves, in their own home, for longer and live a healthful life in their senior years.

Priced at $20 plus postage this book is my recommendation for a wise practical gift for seniors this Christmas.

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Book review by Alison Pask