ANA’s Value

ANA’s Value

What we do at ANA matters to the nutrition and physical activity sector.

In our 2018 annual survey we asked a number of questions related to our services including the ANA eUpdates, website and  regional forums. This year we added one new question: ‘What would it mean if ANA no longer provided any services?’. The responses clearly articulate the value ANA provides for the sector – and can be themed into the following eight areas: 

Convenient one-stop shop

Easy to find professional development opportunities

Enables networking, opportunities to collaborate, share and learnings from others

Creditable, relevant, timely, reliable, evidence based and culturally appropriate

Practical realistic case studies

New Zealand stories connecting kiwis-grass roots to academia

Update on international trends, development, tools and resources

A strong national voice on public health nutrition and physical activity

We encourage you to send us your stories so we can continue to add value. These can be emailed to Alison