ANA Fundraising Ideas

ANA Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can be healthy and deliver worthwhile profit towards your organisation fundraising target.

Different fundraising ideas suit different communities.

If you are new to fundraising go with something that doesn’t involve too much time. This is a great way to gauge the level of support from sponsors and helpers and could give you an indication of how easy something more complex would be to organise.


Ideas to get you started

  • Have a fundraiser to celebrate cultural events such as Matariki, Diwali, Easter or Christmas. Sell cultural foods, face painting, games and lucky dips
  • Quiz evening; Your local bar may already have a tried and true system
  • Art auction; Get local artists to donate a piece of art. Supplement this with children doing art. This can be made to look professional by putting it in a frame
  • Create and sell; shopping bags, aprons, vegetable bags, gift cards, calendars, recipe books
  • Sell tickets to celebrity speakers, chefs…
  • Sell tickets to garden or kitchen or home tours
  • Car boot/book/clothing sale
  • Scrap metal collection
  • Uniform accessories e.g. beanies, scarfs
  • Sell something plentiful in your area; Firewood/pinecones/walnuts/fresh fruit/seeds/plants
  • Cultivate worms for worm farms and sell these with compost bins
  • Handmade cosmetics and bath items such as soaps and scrubs
  • Emergency kits ( make your own for sale)
  • Family photos; contact your local photographer for a fundraising deal
  • Reusable sandwich wraps;  make your own to sell (look at Pinterest for ideas)

Three great ideas:

  1. One intermediate school has beehives and the children study the bees and harvest the honey for sale
  2. Grow swan plants from seed in pots and sell them when the caterpillars are abundant
  3. Garden to Table has teamed up with Tui to create a potato bag fundraiser. Find out about it here
  4. So Sweet Fresh Fundraising Boxes. Fundraise by selling fresh produce. Go to the website to find out more information here

Established fundraisers:

Entertainment books

Kaboodle bags customised  bags

Fuel for Schools

Personalised bottled water

Olive Oil



Spring Bulbs

Drink bottles and lunch boxes

Please email Alison with your fundraising ideas so this page can be kept up to date

Article written by Alison Pask,  Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa

Please note ANA has not validated the options in this article and does not endorse any of these fundraisers and does not take any responsibility should you choose to enter into an agreement with one of the following fundraising options. ANA recommends you seek feedback from another organisation that has used the same service to discuss the pros and cons of each option.