Families and Whānau Status Report 2018

This is the sixth in a series of annual reports by Superu about family and whānau wellbeing in New Zealand. The report on multiple disadvantage among sole parents in New Zealand has also been produced as part of the 2018 programme. Due to Superu’s disestablishment on 30 June 2018, the Families and Whānau research programme […]

INFORMAS national food environments and policies survey

The first INFORMAS national food environments and policies survey in New Zealand: A blueprint country profile for measuring progress on creating healthy food environments sur Using NZ as a case study, this study proposes a blueprint country profile for measuring progress on creating healthy food environments.

Energy in alcoholic drinks – fact sheet

This new fact sheet provides information on energy in common alcoholic drinks in the absence of energy labelling. It includes a graphic of kilojoules in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and foods with data sourced from the New Zealand Food Composition Database. The intended audience is health professionals and other sector workers.

New employer guide to encourage e-bike use

The NZ Transport Agency, in partnership with the Sustainable Business Network has launched an e-bike purchase support guide aimed at helping employers make it easier for their staff to buy e-bikes.

Free and healthy lunches in schools

The Prime Minister has announced that Year 1-8 students in up to 30 schools will be offered a free school lunch from Term 1, 2020. Up to 21,000 students in around 120 schools will eventually benefit from this prototype by the beginning of 2021. A decision will be made after this about whether to continue […]

Healthy environments: Why do they matter, and what can we do?

The actions presented provide an initial overview and overall policy directions and refers to more detailed information for the next steps. They focus on intersectoral collaboration between a wide range of partners – international organisations, governments, and national and subnational actors – to create enabling and equitable environments for better health and a more sustainable […]

Active NZ Survey 2018

The Active NZ survey measures nationwide participation in play, active recreation and sport.  The survey is sent to a sample of New Zealanders on the electoral roll through our research partner, Neilsen. Following on from the redesign in 2017, this is the second year of data collection and the beginning of a new time series on […]