Hayley Buchan

Hayley Buchan is the manager of Healthy Families Hutt Valley. “People in public health often talk about working in complexity and chaos – and that’s exactly what it’s like. Healthy Families Hutt Valley is part of a national initiative funded by the Ministry of Health since 2014. We work in prevention – our aim is […]

Exercise for osteoarthritis pain: how strong is the evidence?

Did you know? In adults with knee or hip osteoarthritis, exercise can lead to 30% pain improvement. This tool for practise looks at the evidence for exercise for osteoarthritis pain. Interestingly the types of exercise did not significantly affect the results, however, most trials included physiotherapy.

Urban Camoflage case study

Hutt City Council CBD Development Manager Cyndi Christensen said Massey University students approached the Council in search of an under-utilised space they could energise. The Council closed Andrews Avenue to allow the students to bring the space to life through placemaking. “The area was reutilised with moving pinwheels attached to gabion walls, creating moving works […]

ANA Job Vacancy

We have an exciting opportunity for you to bring your communications skill to help ANA achieve its vision. Read the job description here Health Promotion Communications Advisor Job Description 20 June 2020 Apply now here

Benchmarking Food Environments

The third New Zealand Healthy Food Environment Policy Index (Food-EPI) was conducted in February to May 2020 by an Expert Panel of over 50 independent and government public health experts. It used an evidence-based approach to benchmark policies and actions of the Government against international best practice for creating healthier food environments. The Government has […]

Mafi Funaki-Tahifote

Mafi Funaki-Tahifote is the Manager – Pacific Health at the Heart Foundation. “My career pathway hasn’t been straightforward. Most dietitians start out in clinical roles, then move into public health. I went into public health first, then got asked to do clinics using my Tongan language skills alongside public health. What drew me into dietetics […]

Real Good Kai Recipes

This cookbook is a collection of recipes from the Fruit & Vege Co-op Wellington Region.

Inside our supermarkets 2020

The heavy promotion of junk foods by Australia’s supermarket chains is encouraging poor dietary habits, particularly among shoppers living in areas of socioeconomic disadvantage, a new study has found.

Julia Rout

Julia Rout is the national health promotion manager for the Stroke Foundation. “I always knew I wanted to work in health. I really liked hospitals and wanted to work in one, because I was fascinated with how the human body works and the clever things we can do to make people better. I decided to […]