Thank you Barbara Lusk

Thank you Barbara Lusk

Thank you to Barbara Lusk

Barb retired from the Ministry of Health in February 2020 and ANA wishes to acknowledge the contribution she has made to the nutrition and physical activity sector in Aotearoa since she started working at the Ministry of Health in 2001.

In her role as a Portfolio Manager, she had been responsible for contracting and supporting providers to deliver health promotion services that aim to address wellbeing. Barb managed the ANA contract for many years, and it is in that capacity that she has been a valued member of the wider ANA sector.

Nikki Chilcott was the Executive Director of ANA for over 10 years and had the privilege of working alongside Barb. Nikki proudly says ‘Barb had a genuine desire for the sector to thrive and was a great supporter of having a well-connected sector to the cause of improving the nutrition and physical activity of New Zealanders.  Barb commanded a huge amount of respect with her vast knowledge and her belief in the power of collective action to achieve common goals. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes, to craft contracts to ensure resources and funding were directed at populations with most need’.

Barb is passionate about health, well-being and equity and has always brought a strong social justice view to all her work. She is a dedicated public health champion and is always seeking to make meaningful change to the health of the New Zealanders particularly with a focus on physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing.

On behalf of past and present staff, board members and the wider ANA community we wish Barb a healthy and happy retirement and thank her for her contribution to ANA for over 18 years.

Tēnā rawa atu koe


Alison Pask

ANA Executive Director